A Day In The Life Of A Dog - Blog

A Day In The Life Of A Dog - Blog

My Spunky dog.

You know you are in for a treat when your breeder sends you off with your 8 week (in our case, 11 week) old puppy with a: "enjoy the sweetness while it lasts"...I never wanted to ask what that meant but was happily optimistic about the whole experience.

For the next few weeks we enjoyed our baby puppy, taught him basic commands, played outside, and was able to get some work done while he took generous naps during the day between potty breaks. 

Then came the teething. I found 4-6 teeth in our house/yard area and bless his heart, very little seemed to help sooth him. He was chewing everything in site. We tried the store bought "teething toys" which, I'm convinced he thought of them as either "baby toys" that were beneath him or utterly ridiculous because he gave them one look and turned the other way. The only thing he would chew on were bully sticks, rawhide/equivalent, or duck/rabbit jerky sticks. Our vet said this was just a phase however we came to find out that there is another phase after that! Hormones.

Please feel free to share your findings. I would love to know what helped you and your dog.


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