About Us

Irish Terriers & Things:

My name is Deb French, my husband and I always knew we wanted a dog but there were a few considerations before we actually got one. We knew we didn't want just any dog. We wanted a dog that would go everywhere with us, enjoy outdoor activities and travel as well as curling up on the couch with a good movie. After LOTS of deliberation and research, we found the Irish Terrier and couldn't be more happy. If you have ever had an Irish you know, they are: spunky, funny, exciting, daredevils that are always up for a challenge.

We connected with a Fantastic breeder in MO (message me if you are interested, I would love to share her contact info) and got on a waiting list for our puppy. In preparation for bringing our new puppy home and searching for a community that had experience with this breed, I found that Irish Terriers were not that popular a breed anymore. What once was a sought after farm dog/protector, WWI messenger dog, and hunting dog; was now hard to find. This site was born out of the desire to spread awareness of this Amazing breed, share stories and tips for new/seasoned owners alike. I hope you enjoy and if you have a story you would like to share of your Irish please submit to this site email (irishterriersandthings@gmail.com) and I would be happy to review and share once approved. 

Happy Adventuring!